August 15

Lasts Forever – A Single to Remember


Have you ever questioned, “What happened to the soul in Hip-Hop or the songs with such compelling lyrics that you were almost certain that the artist had stolen a page of your diary and was writing about your life? When was the last time you really listened to the words of a Hip-Hop song and became motivated or directly affected in a positive way? I’m almost certain that with the pop culture today, either you have asked yourself the first question or you had a hard time answering the second question.

Hip-Hop artist Chico Manolo set out to use his talent and platform to reintroduce “real” music with the release of his first upcoming single “Lasts Forever.”

While much of today’s Hip-Hop is motivated by drugs, violence, and/or sex, Chico Manolo decided to go another route. Instead, he focused on the circumstances and challenges that he’s heard women experience.

“I wanted to let people know: let go and let God sometimes,” he said. “I wanted to talk to the females and tell them that those circumstances and problems are not gone last forever.”

With its mellow, therapeutic sound, “Lasts Forever,” provides a statement to women who, in particular, may be struggling in a bad relationship. For example, some of the lyrics are as follows:

Tell them ni**** stop the slacking

Mama you’re nobody’s practice

Your heart says stay, but your patience gone

When ya’ll together, you still feel alone

Through these simple yet powerful lyrics, Chico Manolo created an empowering anthem for women in order to “give them some type of hope.”

He said that as men, it’s their duty as “kings” to make women feel like queens as he addresses in the song. However, though the single was written on behalf of women, it can apply to men as well.

20561913_10213359590126853_1991432485_n“It’s a real song that talks about real issues, and I wanted to touch somebody.”

Chico Manolo said that a lot of music being produced today lacks feeling, so he wanted to create a single that people could relate to.

The future Hip-Hop mogul was born in Milwaukee, WI and began his musical journey at about the age of 10. Since then, he has performed over 100 shows around the Midwest and opened for several well-known artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne and DoughBoyz Cashout. In 2016, he was nominated for Artist of the Year and casted as an extra several times on Lee Daniel’s  hit television series Empire. From his casting on Empire, Chico Manolo earned the opportunity to run an after school music program for the youth.

“Lasts Forever” will be released Wednesday, Aug. 16, and available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal and other major streaming platforms.

The single was produced by Mammyth.

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